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​Revolt Entertainment was developed to bring a commercial quality

end-product to a new level of accessibility for all artists. 

While we can step in at any stage of your creative process, we thrive on being able to work with you to develop

your movement from the ground up. We’ll help you craft both your sound and image, and then build a strategy

to distribute it to the masses.


Cinematographer Frank McMahon has over 10 years of visual creation experience ranging from music videos to special events. 


"Being a musician and artist myself, I tend to connect on a deeper level with aspiring and experienced musicians because I can see myself in them. I know what I would want to see in something created for me so I put the same amount of effort into making unique and competitive for my clients. It is truly a joy to bring their visions to life."


When shaping your creative vision we work from the ground up.

Whether that means working from scratch or implementing the vision in your mind's eye, we strive to deliver visual excellence!


Audio Production

Producer & mix engineer Javi Melo has over 12 years industry

experience in modern high end production.


"Music has been my passion for as long as I could remember! I've been

fortunate enough to explore both aspects of it from being on the stage to the studio where I finally found my true calling on the other side of the glass." 


From Pop to radio rock and everything in between, we strive to

deliver competitive productions that will keep up with the ever-changing

world of audio! 

Connect with JMelo Recordings below!

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